Thursday, January 1, 2009

Plane movies, Manhattan, Happy New Year & Paul.

Since arriving 2 days ago, I have seen quite a bit thus far, and think it is time I wrote some of it down.

A minor detail, yes, but nonetheless, one that simply must be mentioned: the movies in flight were a truly fantastic selection that I could have sworn was hand picked by my Sydney housemate Gavin, or at least, that he would approve of them terribly. Indeed they included Brideshead Revistied, Wall-e, and Mamma-Mia! Fantastic!

Anyhoo, New York is gorgeous and I am in love with it already. It is truly cold though - I am the coldest I have ever been in my life...last night for example, was -20˚C with the wind chill. And that is very cold. Oh, and also yesterday it snowed - the first time I have ever had it snow on me and it was amazing. But just to stress once again...cold.

I have been with quite a few Australians, which has been very nice over New Years and all. For the past couple of days I have been staying with Paul - a living godsend who has been so lovely to let me crash at his place, especially considering I only knew him very briefly before coming here. Also, I have been spending much of my time with Tim Appleby - whom we all know and love, and last night we both met up with Rowan - a lovely Australian guy I met on the plane and who is now my facebook friend. Yay!

New Years was really great - entirely different to what I had expected, but a very good way to spend the night...Tim and I attempted moving towards Times Square, though we were unable to get so close because of road blocks and other various complications. And so we ended up drinking in a pub with the locals, caught some fireworks in Central Park (which, by the way, is even bigger than imaginable), before meeting up with Rowan and some of his friends in the East Village, where we continued drinking with the locals for quite some hours. It was very lovely indeed.

I am finding out about more and more people I know that are in New York or will be before I leave, so there should be plenty of gossip to spread soon. But until then, fare internet, I think it best I cease writing this post - because no one likes to longer post.

But they do like photos......

Times Square 31/12/2008
Alongside Central Park 31/12/08


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Adam said...

ahh i love central park almost as much as i love you.

Clare said...

Ooh possum ... rug up so you won't be tooooo cold....!! I love you very much!

ro said...

you and tim are in NYC? how long for? stay there long enough please. I'll be there soon.