Sunday, December 28, 2008

Outbound (ie. goodbye, i love you).

I will be leaving tomorrow afternoon, which means you must actually start reading these, because it may be the only way we keep contact...I promise I will try to make it all as interesting as possible to read about.

But for now I should not dwell, rather, simply say that I love you all very much and I will miss you incredibly.

And now, a photo or two to reminisce...


Lilith O. said...


Please go to my site and see my Ode to Meg Peg. It's a little emotional but you know- that's how I roll.

kate said...

hey megling!
Hope you are safe and warm and that the high winds of NYC are not blowing your umbrella inside out!
Stay sweet

eleanor said...

i love how it looks as though gavin is trying to shake some sense into you.
oh meg, i miss you! x