Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dublin town and moving in!

Hello there, fair readers, how I love you so,
I have been in Dublin for a week now and I have forgotten to get my camera out on almost every significant occasion, of which I can assure you there has been many.
To begin with, I got to know the city a little over the first three days before moving to the UCD residences, which was very nice really, especially considering the weather was so pleasant (blue skies and all!). Since then, I have moved further south of the Liffey, and safely into Belgrove Residence, Belfield, with a Canadian exchange student, Christy, and Deepika (Dee), from Singapore. Together we have brought our wrath, promptly, upon the International Exchange Office, who have managed to exclude us (and every other international student) from almost every course. Still, the past few days have been really fun and I have met lots of people from lots of different countries...sadly, there have not been many Irish people around as yet, because classes do not start until Monday. It has been grand going into the city though, and hearing that accent all about - it still makes me swoon.
The campus is very lovely and also very big, and our house is pretty good too, although we have had to do a lot of shopping because there was literally nothing here when we arrived. And so, it has been quite an expensive first week, but I think we will all scrape through.
Anyhoo, I do hope you are all enjoying Sydney Festival, and every other festival that is going on (there are so many of them)...please remember Homebrand on the 25th of January - an event by Trademark Projects, which is Tim Appleby and Me! All the info is here:
and you can buy your tickets here:
It's bound to be grand!

- M

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