Thursday, January 8, 2009

Comedy New York, and other things...

The past couple of days have been quite busy and we have seen many great things.
Bec (a friend from uni) arrived on the fourth and I moved with her and two others to a hostel on Broadway...and my, it is small! Since then, we have been to a comedy show where we saw lots of funny people, including Jack McBrayer from 30 Rock (are you jealous Matt?) and some girl from Saturday Night Live - it was very funny indeed and best of all, it was free!
Also, last night we saw the Late Show with David Letterman, live on Broadway, again for free (Matt, jealous? yes?), and ate lots of New York pizza, which really is quite an experience. Then we went drinking and had a lot of that too - maybe a little too much in fact. Amongst all of this, I was able to catch up with Josh and Sam (Detour Boys) who are in town for a bit and Sam bought 'nachos with trimmings,' which we soon found out was just corn chips and a shite-load of cheese...tip: do not buy nachos in New York! Also, do not buy coffee here - even the best of it is terrible (and I mean terrible in the same way drinking dish water is really is very bad).
Tomorrow is my last full day here so I would like to do a little bit of shopping, walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, find the best New York Cheesecake and eat it, and hopefully see a show on Broadway...quite a lot yes.

But for now, it's noodle time!

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Lilith O. said...

i wanna know about the pretty buildings and the pretty boys??