Sunday, January 11, 2009

New York Novelties.

My final days in New York were jam packed with the many tourist attractions I had missed since I arrived on the 30th. Of course, most of these attractions were in fact food, but worthy nonetheless. Though a wee bit disappointing I must say - for example, the long awaited New York Cheesecake simply did not meet my standards...I mean, the bottom of it was like a sponge cake (I know, a let down right?!) and the top was lacking the hint of lemon I was so greatly looking forward to. Also, the hot dogs - not big, not the size one expects to purchase when in New York, city of the hot dog.
But oh, enough with the complaints about bad American food - it is all part of the experience, and I like it for that much at least. Besides, what they lack in food they make up for in view - on Friday we climbed the Rockefeller Centre to look over New York and gosh, the city really is amazing! From this high and chilly point we could see the entire stretch of Central Park, The Empire State Building, The Time Warner Centre (ie. home of Batman!) and pretty much everything else on every corner of the island. Brilliant!
Then, on Friday night I saw a Broadway Musical for $27 and it was awesome - I went with 'Gypsy,' which had been recommended to me by Paul, and a very good recommendation indeed, because it was exactly what I look for in a musical: super lame humour, a wee bit of nudity, and 'neat' music (the Americans say 'neat' all the time - I have decided to adopt it).

And that pretty much concludes New York. I left on Saturday night, in the snow, after 4 hours delay at JFK airport while our plane was 'de-iced.' But I was upgraded to Business Class! Super leg room!

And now I am in Dublin and it is very lovely indeed. I have a lot to sort out in the next couple of days but then it should be straight on to meeting the Irish at the pub and things!

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