Sunday, May 3, 2009

London town, where skies are blue.

After a few days in the lovely Forest of Dean, we made our way to London town where we embraced the city like true tourists, and by 'we' I mean me. First we went to this amazing pub in Notting Hill for some class thai food which we enjoyed amongst many crazed football fanatics. And naturally I quoted continuously from Notting Hill (the film), for example:
SPIKE: there's something wrong with this yoghurt.
WILLIAM: it's not yoghurt it's mayonaise.
I'm sure you can imagine the novelty of it all.
Anyhoo, we spent the next day galavanting around the town, which I must say is quite pretty indeed. The photos below are a selection of our adventures...what you don't see is that Gavin made me open my mouth in almost every picture.

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Lilith O. said...

i see ur getting a good run out of that blue dress my dear