Wednesday, May 27, 2009


It is hard to know whether we should call this day a success, but on reviewing the photos I think it's fairly safe to say that our efforts paid off. Would you believe this beautiful place is only an hour or so from our home at UCD? Knowth, the name given to this mound-like site, consists of one large tomb, surrounded by seventeen smaller tombs. Each mound was once engraved with carvings and symbols that are still evident today and was built with several small passages running throughout its core, apparently to serve both a functional and ritualistic purpose.
Of course it took us no less than FOUR hours to get there, which admitedly killed some of its charm at the time, but it really is very beautiful. And the bus journey home was certainly worth the day's anguish - we ended up on a german tour bus (wtf?) that had us back in Dublin within the was like magic.


Claude J. said...

So green! Beautiful =]

Lilith O. said...

i love grassy knolls.