Wednesday, November 4, 2009

since being back.

So, I have been home for two weeks now and I am happy at least that the jacarandas are in bloom, if not for any other reason. I was reading about these pretty trees just the other day and I can tell you a few facts about them: they are, actually, native to South Africa, not Australia. And also, if one of their flowers falls on your head it may be good luck...and I say may because it depends on who you're asking...but if you're asking me I say "yes! let good luck be upon you all your days!"
Yes, last Saturday was Halloween, but it was also time for Riverbeats at Parramatta and what a beautiful evening it was. Here are a few pics of the waterside, encompassed by large spheres of projection and colour that mesmerised us as we blissed out to Decoder Ring.
And the musical goodness kept coming, for on Sunday night was Frigid and a 15 minute drum solo from Laurenz Pike. Here is a wee photo of the talented man in action.And finally, since being back, there was Cooma - a place I have cherished all my life and missed terribly over the past year. But revisiting this week, this is what I found there...

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