Friday, July 10, 2009

Si Espana

For the past four days I have been visiting Madrid and slowly but surely picking up snippets of Spanish. It is quite hilarious actually - the Spanish speak so fast and so much that it is incredibly hard to keep up. And yet some how we manage to understand each other which is nice, though I do feel ignorant a fair bit of the time.
I was a little nervous about coming here by myself, but as it turns out it was possibly the best thing I could have done - I have met loads of people and been out with them every night in Spanish style. We have had lots of Spanish food and sangria and loads of cheap Spanish beer, just €1.30 per litre.
I am also stoked to have seen some Goya originals in the Palace and Museo del Prado - they are just so amazing.

Anyhoo, time is running low at this internet cafe so I must to Barcelona tomorrow woooooooot!

Goya, Saturn, 1821-1823.

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