Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Break - grand, deadly, savage.

Admittedly, this post does come a wee bit late, but if it helps, I promise lots of photos to make up for my tardiness...

Spring break began with the most random occurrence - an old friend from home who goes by the name of Burkey, wound up on the streets of Dublin, calling me out for a drink...need I say, it was a kind of crazy experience. We took a photo to remember the occasion - it's not entirely flattering (in fact we look totally smashed) but it's the only one I have so it will have to do.

I had hoped to get to get to Tipperary in this first week, but between assignments and work it didn't really happen. Oh yes, I should probably mention that I kind of have a job at the Dublin fruit markets now - I mean, it's not exactly a job, but it is something to bring in a bit of extra cash here and there. Also, the people I work with are awesome and the markets move around which means I am seeing lots of little towns each week. And one of the guys is totally Liam (brother Liam) in the not-so-distant future.

In the second week we ventured across country to beautiful Galway, which I am now in love with and can't wait to go back to. We spent Paddy's day there, drinking by the river side and lying in the sun, while all the boys in Ireland seemed to take on some incredible peeing contest, or ritual, or something? On the following days we visited the Cliffs of Moher and the Aran Islands, where we rode around the coast and I ate the most amazing stew of my life...by the way, guinness in food: genius. Oh, and I should definitely take a minute for the weather - I don't know if we are blessed or just lucky but we had clear, warm days for the whole week. Thanks a mil Ireland.

Anyhoo, following a rediculous night of drinking and high school drinking games, I am now back at uni, but all is grand, deadly, savage.

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