Tuesday, November 18, 2008

To begin again.

It would seem I have not been entirely faithful to this blog space, or the idea of blogging in general, but I must begin again in the hope that I may redeem myself to those who are indeed faithful, or have perhaps only just noticed I have not been here since May 11th - when things were at least somewhat different.
At least I am well timed, because I will be leaving for the big smoke awfully soon, and will then travel onwards to Ireland, for six rainy months. From there, who knows? I will venture in any given direction.
And so I must rally bloggers and friends to read this once again (if any of you ever did - I know of only one person that just might have) so that I can tell you my travel tales and dream of home.


Philippe said...

I'll be reading :)

Lilith O. said...

i bet i was that one person that just might have!!